Red Road Teachings for 2016

'Introduction Course to the Medicine Wheel Teachings'

Three month Introduction Course

'The Archetypal Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary' Medicine Wheel Wisdom

Twelve Month Red Road Archetype Teachings - Level One Course

'Walking the Shamanic Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel' Healing & Awakening your self!

Twenty four Month Red Road Shamanic Teachings - Level Two Course

I do not call myself a shaman. I walk the Good Red Road. I offer to those who seek to heal themself, a very profound way of healing their issues and of making deep connection with themself and with the Universe in which we all live, which is to a large extent, how healing came into my life. I have permission which came to me from my living Shaman teachers who informed me, without my asking, to 'close your books and get out into Nature and to do what you now know to help the people.'' I never came into this work to become a Spiritual healer or a teacher. I had previously walked many paths from the halls of academia into many different Spiritual avenues in search of finding my own healing. Intuitively I have always followed my heart. From childhood I was comfortable to be in two worlds, and sometimes at the same time...the Physical and the Invisible worlds and both are as important and as real as each other to me. By this, I mean I have the ability to be fully here, fully present and grounded and yet I am able at will, to make connection with other realms and dimensions too, traversing into the Mystery in order to retrieve lost and or forgotten information and gain deeper insights about situations and conditions to help the people who ask for my assistance. This is a natural ability within me, and I have come to know that this is a gift. It is the way the Creator made me, for which I am humble and grateful. I offer to those who choose to walk with me, journeys of healing and awakening. The shamanic training I have received over the past fifteen years, has been primarily, but not exclusively, in the fields of Medicine Wheel work. I do not hold Sweat Lodge, nor Vision Quests. The work I offer is based and structured upon the sacred Medicine Wheel, and it is with respect, humility and honour to the many who have walked and the many who continue to walk this sacred path, that I come to contribute how I am guided for the highest good, through my efforts to help heal our separations. I honor and uphold my commitments to the Creator, to my Shaman teachers and my Spirit helpers, regarding this awakening and healing work and all that I do, that in some contributing way I may be of service, to help humanity find more harmonious ways of being with themselves, all of life and with our beautiful living Mother Earth.

I regard my role with these teachings, as a bridge for the people who come to me; a bridge primarily between two cultures. Most people who come to me are, like myself, from the western culture.They come to me to begin their healing journeys which introduce them to some powerful Indigenous methods and ways. I share this sacred work for the principles of helping a person to find their healing; those who resonate with these ancient tried and tested methodologies . I help co-create a bridge which guides a person's western world-view into considering different points of view. I ask a person not to throw away their beliefs, but to at least place them down so that they can consider other points of view. It is not my job to pick up the person's chosen views; this is the role for each person who comes to walk with me. My role is to guide the ones who join me with this work, to at least re-evaluate what beliefs they have 'bought into' .... to question each belief for themselves, asking themselves if their belief actually truly serves them or their belief truly 'theirs' or anothers which the person has just taken on blindly. I do not train people to become Shamans. If the person seeks deeper work, the bridge we co-created together acts as a stepping stone for those who choose to take things further with an Indigenous Shaman. The Great Spirit makes all things possible and no human being directs that.

The Red Road ways are not my ways. These ways have been taught to me, shared with me and I have been guided as to how to live them for myself. I did not pursue these ways to become a ''healer or a teacher". These ways came to me in such a manner, unique and mysterious, almost impossible to explain, due to my relentless search to find my own healing and deeper understanding of life and of my self. As a result, I have come to personally know the effectiveness and beauty of these ways and today I live them in my own authentic way. It is with honor, gratitude, humility and compassion I share what I have come to know with those who earnestly seek, and I regard my sharing of these ways, as a privilege and I do so with discernment and with guidance, as I stand in my integrity to do what I know to be right.

As the People of the Earth we all need to hold and implement a new global vision which will require of us all to open our hearts and to change our current ways of living to ensure we all have a sustainable future.

Today as an instrument in service to the Divine Creator Source, I am guided to offer these authentic Red Road teachings and healings in my own unique and authentic way, to help people to empower themselves and turn their lives around for the better in very real and very powerful ways.

We share our life with a living, breathing Mother Earth and with so many other living life forms, which, including ourselves, are all dependent and interrelated to all other things. We are all weaved into this beautiful tapestry web of life, and it is my prayer that as human beings, we awaken ourselves from our slumber of ignorant living to the higher purpose of our being here and come to dream a new dream and to dance this dream awake!

May we all come to know, what beauty really is and start to walk it from now on, not our of fear.... for the love of life!!!!

This is my prayer for us all.

Four Winds

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