FREQUENCY ACTIVATION. Stepping into Self Mastery. Teachings of higher mind and open heart resonance, activated by your choice and supported by the wisdom of the Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Twenty four month Universal Teachings - Level Three Course 

''Awaken your ‘humanity’ as a  citizen and guardian of the Earth.’’ Learning to birth and embrace your real human potential to protect, align and thrive with our New Earth.

Frequency Activation. Stepping into Self Mastery.  Teachings of higher mind and open heart resonance within yourself, activated by your choice and supported by the wisdom of the Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Spiritual Coaching - Two year Universal Teachings - Level Three Course

This course includes aspects of planetary healing work. 

  • The Seven sacred paths of human transformation presented within this two year course are primarily yet not exclusively grounded upon the wisdom teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel. This course provides an exhilarating opportunity for those who have completed Level One and Level Two with me, having some hands on experience with shamanic and spiritual awareness process work, and deep inner self -awareness process work essential for this next intensive course which calls forth ones purest capacity to serve the greater good for all concerned. Taking full responsibility for yourself,  in this two year course you are compassionately and expertly supported, as you learn, grow and experience yourself  as growing, evolving, becoming expansive awareness,  psychic mastery, and your capacity to tune into resonance fields of pure potentiality and to ground this through your own transmutation and awakening, and bring this into the world for the best and highest good only. For a better world to emerge, requires each human being to step beyond all limits which hold us back from the greatness which resides within us all, and step into our brilliant light, for we come from the Light and this Light – is awareness, consciousness, pure potentiality. Our choice is to remember we are here to evolve into our best version of ourselves, which requires our spiritual mastery, and our human choice to be with kindness, love, wisdom, compassion for the self and for all aspects of Creation, to enable us to access solutions for ourselves and our world, that together we are co-creating. A world better than it is, a world where WE become better in who we are and in how we live here. A world we all want to live in. A world where our thriving is not at the cost of the Natural world, not the destruction of our sacred planet home. Life is to be respected. Life must be protected, nurtured and celebrated for the greater good of all concerned.
  • We provide an empowering, supportive structure to nurture and assist and facilitate you to awaken yourself. Our Frequency Activation course is based on once a week, live sessions one on one, with me as your Spiritual Coach in person sessions each month with me, dedicated to help you to heal and balance, awaken and transform yourself and your life for the better. The structure is based on the following mix :
  • Mindfulness Coaching and Intuitive Counselling  one hour session, once per month
  • Energy Balance session (either Crystal Surgery or PSYCH-K balances) one hour session, once per month
  • Spiritual Teachings sessions, two hours per session,  two sessions per month

Please be aware I do not work with nor use in any way, herbal plant activators, plant spirit medicines. All my work is based on inner training to access heightened states of being without taking any substances to facilitate.     

Frequency Activation - Level Three Course - combined with Mindfulness Coaching and intuitive Counselling plus energy balance sessions ~ in person only

  • Payment options :

The investment for the 24 month course is R 72 000.00 per person, if the fee is paid in full upfront we offer a 5% discount on the total amount, you pay upfront R 68 400.00.

Or a monthly paying option of R 3000.00 paid each month based upon on a debit order structure and payments made at the beginning of every month for the full three year process to completion of this course.

The fee, paid upfront or per month, includes monthly teaching sessions structured on a weekly basis for the total 24 months of this course. If more time is required for the student to complete this course, the course structure will continue based on the monthly fee of R 3000.00 per month due by the first of each month, until the course is completed. If for whatever reason, the student does not complete the course, if the fee has been paid in full upfront, there will be no refund. If the fee is paid monthly,the continuation of the teachings and of the fee charges will stop. A decision of termination needs to be communicated before the first of any month. If the decision is made either way, from student or from myself to terminate teachings for that specific student for this course, if monthly payment has occurred and the decision is communicated only after the first of the month, the teachings will stop immediately and the fee of R 3000.00 for that specific month,will not be refunded. 

Reiterated : Please be aware - regarding all and any upfront payments of all and any processes I provide - NO MONEY IS RETURNED under any circumstances whatsoever if you decide to stop doing the process before the agreed completion of your process.

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