Walking the Shamanic Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel
Healing and Awakening your self!

Thirty six Month Red Road Shamanic Teachings - Level Two Course

Based on ancient Medicine Wheel teachings, this thirty six month intensive course, shares some aspects of Native American spirituality which offer profound opportunities to gain insight and enlightenment, for deeper healing and greater understanding to any individual who earnestly seeks to "know thy self".

This is a powerful course, which provides skills and knowledge to assist you to work towards truly embracing your issues and offers ways which can be learned, so that you can choose how to change and heal your ways, and start to walk more harmoniously with yourself and others, in your everyday life. This course is a journey, which will require effort, courage and determination. Some of the steps forward in this journey of self discovery, will be to truly embrace familiar and unfamiliar aspects within yourself - what is your truth, what is the illusion; some things which will need to be accessed and experienced, will require practice as they simply cannot be obtained instantly; and throughout the year course, your patience will be tested.

"The mystery cannot be answered by repeating the question
Nor can it be bought by going to amazing places
Not until the eyes have stilled,
And the desires quelled....
Not until then, can we cross over from confusion.
" Rumi

The commitment you make on this course is fundamentally to yourself. The effort you put in will relate directly to what you derive for yourself. What is asked of everyone with whom I work is to have the courage to be willing to move beyond their closed heart. Learning to balance that logical part inside of you, which may need to be right, to find fault, or to qualify and over analyze, or which may only accept and believe that which is tangible, with the other part of yourself that works with ones intuition, is where you will need to learn to start to trust your own inner guidance and develop your own faith in the intangible. To come to know your truths, means facing the conditioning you have bought into or blindly accepted, it is not necessarily to get rid of your beliefs, but at least learn to challenge them to see if they are YOURS and if they serve or dis-empower you. This path requires no one to follow a set of my beliefs or any others, because this work is not about a set of beliefs. This spiritual path is a path you can personally experience and you walk it, for yourself, not out of a need to be led, nor out of a need to lead others. You are invited to take what makes sense to you and working with a willingness to work on opening your heart, you are asked to find the truths for yourself. This course offers ways to transcend your known 'limited' self so that you can discover and access your unknown true potential and to be that for yourself. Our world in these times is in need of new leadership, of individuals who can learn to empower themselves to lead their own lives in harmony and balance with common sense and intuition, with dignity and self respect, trust of self and compassion for others.

As we embrace the ways of the Red Road, we are afforded the opportunity not only of self discovery, but also of a journey of self mastery.

"Bitterness, hatred and resentment are toxins from our heart, while jealousy and greed poison our thoughts. We harm our bodies with unhealthy foods and artificial substances and hurt our spirits with a lack of gratitude. In this sickened state, human beings tend to loose balance and begin to see the world around them as something to abuse as well." Jamie Sams. 

The Native American way teaches us to regard the external world and what we experience in our day to day life, "as mirror reflections that show us what we are doing to ourselves internally." Jamie Sams.

When we learn to treat ourselves with honor for who we are without a sense of superiority, without arrogance, in a balanced way, we will awaken ourselves to walk life with honor and respect, towards every other living thing. To start to understand the full meaning of the Native American words, "walk your talk" means that each one of us is to heal our personal integrity, to BE what we say we are. For many years we as human beings have 'walked the crooked path' and have come to learn that the spoken word is not taken seriously, promises get broken, and commitments are dis-honored. When one heals themselves to walk their talk, that which is spoken, promised and committed, becomes honored gifts for themselves. At times we need to work thorough impatience and frustrations, other times we need to learn to transform arrogance, ignorance and indifference. Regularly we need to balance our internal critic, that part of ourselves which makes us feel unworthy and less than good enough. But always we need to recognize what is not working in our life, where our behavior is out of balance to ourselves and others, we are in need of healing.

We cannot change society. We cannot change another. We can only change our self. Today all People of the Earth are in need of overcoming ideas of separation. This course encourages a person who wants to heal their ways, to go beyond the separations that they have created in their lives. In this way one learns to embrace the realized self that part of our self that can become our full potential. As we transform ourselves towards our wholeness, healing is born, re-connection is welcomed and we begin to remember who we truly are and why we are here.

'' When did you stop singing?
When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop being enchanted with your own life's stories?
And when did you stop seeking the sweet territories of silence?"
Angeles Arrien

In those forgotten experiences, through the journeys in your life
Lie memories, fragments of your soul.
Come, I'll meet you there.
Shelley Ruth Wyndham

The basic outline of the course is structured on a year covering in-door study, followed by twenty four months mostly out-door field work. The sessions are more or less two hours per session. Please note the course includes initiations, ceremonies and rituals, which may entail longer time periods. These times will be discussed and agreed to, prior to the events.

Course material covered during the year:

Initial twelve Months 

  • What is Shamanism
  • Dreams and Imagination
  • Western Fragmentation
  • Native American Terminology
  • Native American Traditions
  • Grand Mother Earth
  • Ancient Origins
  • Native American Creation Stories

Twenty Four Months Field Work
  • Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • The Four Great Powers
  • Roles and Meanings of each Element: Water, Earth, Fire and Air
  • Human Qualities of : Emotion, Physical Body, Spirit and Mind
  • Heavenly bodes : Moon, Earth, Sun and Stars
  • Connecting with the : Plant, Mineral, Human and Animal Kingdoms
  • Meet your Animal Totems and Spirit Guides
  • Initiation Ceremonies
  • Meditations and Shamanic Journey Work
  • Song and Dance Ceremonies
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremonies
  • Shamanic Tools and Daily Practices

The course is structured over three years, however, some students require more time to process what they are experiencing. In such cases, additional time is required to enable the student to complete the course.The focus is not on the time taken - there is no race to complete. The focus is on awakening, healing, integration.


The investment for the 36 month course is R 90 000.00 per person, if the fee is paid in full upfront we offer a 5% discount on the total amount, you would then pay upfront R 85 500.00.

a monthly paying option of R 2500.00 paid each month based upon on a debit order structure where payments are made at the beginning of every month for the full three year process to completion of this 36 month course.

The fee, paid upfront or per month, includes monthly teaching sessions structured on a weekly basis for the total 36 months of this course. If more time is required for the student to complete this course, the course structure will continue based on the monthly fee of R 2500.00 per month due by the first of each month, until the course is completed. If for whatever reason, the student does not complete the course, if the fee has been paid in full upfront, there will be no refund. If the fee is paid monthly,the continuation of the teachings and of the fee charges will stop. A decision of termination needs to be communicated before the first of any month. If the decision is made either way, from student or from myself to terminate teachings for that specific student for this course, if monthly payment has occurred and the decision is communicated only after the first of the month, the teachings will stop immediately and the fee of R 2500.00 for that specific month,will not be refunded. 

Reiterated : Please be aware - regarding all and any upfront payments of all and any processes I provide - NO MONEY IS RETURNED under any circumstances whatsoever if you decide to stop doing the process before the agreed completion of your process.

For all inquiry's and bookings email : shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za

''Your mind can trick you into saying anything, but your heart always knows the truth. You cannot lie when you go deep into your heart of hearts. When you are in that center, you know, what is your truth.''

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