Based upon Ho'oponopono

I am a certified Ho'oponopono practitioner. I have taught this powerful workshop for the past seven consecutive years. Whilst the wisdom of Ho’oponopono comes from Hawaiian ancient truths, it is with the emergence of Quantum Physics, our modern science of today, that we are all supported to consider, review and begin to incorporate such Spiritual teachings, such as Ho’oponopono, into our daily lives, regardless where we reside across our planet today, because Quantum Physics is helping to create a platform which helps us to re-look ancient Spiritual teachings in a more serious manner today. As quoted by Nassim Haramein, a Quantum Physicist, ‘’Spirituality is the physics we are yet to understand.’’ Ho'oponopono focuses on becoming aware that we are largely run by our conditioning, which function like programmes, these are our deep seated beliefs held in the subconscious mind. According to Dr Bruce Lipton PhD, biologist, and the latest neuroscience, it is the subconscious mind which generally is directing us at a percentage of 99% to 95 %, meaning we are 1% to 5% conscious. We simply can not address pathology, destructive behaviour, negative habits, which are running us all in terms of our perceptions, responses, how we view life and directly and indirectly impact our reality, by primarily targeting the conscious mind. As a Spiritual healer – teacher, whilst I have clinical training, for the past seventeen consecutive years I have provided as a practitioner, from my company Spirit World Medicine, tried and tested powerful modalities and techniques which have been shared with me from various Spiritual fields during my 25 years Metaphysical training, which is still on-going for me. I provide teachings and ways to help transform peoples lives, who seek my guidance, which focus on teaching ways to transmute from within the self, to help shift their realities in profound, meaningful ways as they learn how to incorporate Spiritual teachings, such as Ho’oponopono and they learn to live them on a daily basis.
Teachings as these, are returning now upon our Earth in these prophesised times known as the Great Awakening, where we as humanity despite our differences, are being afforded tools, techniques and ways to begin to learn that we can delete these programmes, we can learn how to do that, plus we learn how to allow Divinity into our lives to inspire us forward.

In my work I am teaching how to engage with whole brain states, as opposed to being exclusively focused on our logic and analytical processes, where we learn to respect and grow our abilities to work with our intuition, feelings and emotions, the invisible, full potentiality, the Spiritual essence of our selves. I have taught and continue to do so, that it is the incorporation of left and right brain functioning, of science and Spiritual teachings, of mind and heart, of seen and unseen, the incorporation of both fields with healthy respect, which we can learn about and that we can learn to master within our selves which will take us forward in our overall human awakening evolutionary growth.

''The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant, we have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.''
Albert Einstein.

As human beings, we can learn to live in a balanced state of Divine flow, we can learn how to completely clear our minds from mental programming and unconscious negative beliefs which run us all and we can return ourselves, moment by moment, to love. We can and need to now remember and embrace the gift within us all with love, and set our self free. 

'Begin to break free from your past and start living your dreams of the future NOW! Begin to live in a positive, uplifted, joyful state where you attract miracles in every area of your life. Turn your life around for the better for yourself and all in your life, now!'

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